Through the guidance of God Apostle Isaiah & Ullainee Revills, began to conduct prayer meetings from house to house. Their work proved fruitful. They established a mission on Jefferson Street in 1959 in Albany, Georgia. During the years that followed, Apostle Revills preached the gospel wherever and whenever he had the opportunity, this included preaching on the street corners in Harlem. In 1963, the mission relocated to the Masonic Hall in East Albany.

It was during this time that God led Apostle Revills to fast for forty days. The result of his obedience was preparation for the tremendous ministry that was ahead of him. The next move for the church was to a small building on Central Avenue, also in East Albany. They named it “The Shanty”. The congregation continued to grow. Soon it was time to move again. This time Apostle Revills, who was also a skilled brick mason, built the church with his own hands. With the assistance of a few other men, he finished the job in about eight weeks. The church at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Blaylock Street still stands today.

It was in the mid 60’s that God spoke to Apostle Revills to go into ministry full time. With support of his wife, he quit his job to devote his life to preaching the gospel. In 1964, God led him to fast twenty days and nights. This fast ushered in a defining moment in his life. God Gave Him a Vision!

Before the twenty days and nights fast was over, God spoke to Apostle Revills to go to Newton, Georgia, a city that he had said he would never go to because of the racial climate of that day.

Although he had conducted a tent meeting in Edison, Georgia in 1963, the Newton Tent Revival became the launching pad for a series of tent crusades across Georgia and Florida, into Alabama, Mississippi, North and South Carolina and later into California.

In 1966, while on an 8 days fast, God called him to be an Apostle. During this supernatural visitation, God showed him the work that he was to do, and divinely anointed him to fulfill the commission. As the years went by the tent crusades resulted in saving an innumerable amount of souls.

One of the meetings most looked forward to by those who knew of Apostle Revills Miracle Revival Crusades, was the annual Camp Meeting that he held every summer in the city of Albany. The kickoff for the meeting was the church parade that featured floats and walking units, singing groups and choirs from the many churches that were a part of the ministry. The climax of the meeting was the old-fashioned baptism at Mercer Mill. The crowds gathered along the bridge and beside the creek. They sang, prayed, and praised as candidate after candidate church insidereceived water baptism. After the camp meeting, Apostle Revills would return to the mission field for a tent crusade in another area. Apostle Revills, endeavored to establish a church in every city where souls had received salvation. Often when a revival ended, he served as pastor until someone else became qualified to take that responsibility. Eventually, through his teaching and ministry training others learned how to use their God-given gifts and became qualified to assist him. Apostle Revills, has established more than seventy churches over the course of his 53 years of ministry. His radio broadcast ministry and the publishing of the Miracle Guiding Star Magazine, which documented the testimonies of miracles under the gospel tent, began in the mid 60’s.

The success of the tent crusades meant the East Albany Revival Center at Fourth and Blaylock became packed. It was time to move again. In 1971, Apostle and Mother Revills led the people to there new home on the corner of Lippitt and Slappey. In years of 1973-1975 Apostle Revills, took the message of the gospel over the entire world. In 1981, Apostle Revills, his wife and congregation dedicated the multimillion-dollar edifice known as The Cathedral.

Through the years Apostle Isaiah Revills, received numerous honors and awards. Respected from the least to the greatest as a Visionary and a Trailblazer! There will never be another, Apostle Isaiah Revills.