The Late Apostle Isaiah Revills, Chief Apostle

For more than forty-five years the ministry of Isaiah Revills, has been impacting the lives of others and from his life, an inspiring testimony of faith and courage has emerged.

Isaiah and Ullainee Sanders Revills, founded Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries, Inc. in 1959. Together they have worked side by side & hand in hand as partners in the gospel. Today the church serves as a beacon of light to people of all races & from all walks of life. The numerous satellite churches (born out of the Albany, Georgia church) have the same mission as the founding body—to reach the world with the glorious message of the gospel of, Jesus Christ.

The story of Dr. Isaiah Revills’ life and ministry should be known by every African American, every Christian and every person in need of hope in this life and beyond. It is a story of firm faith in God from childhood, of perseverance in the face of adversity and one of endurance and patience in tribulation. Above all it is the story of a faithful God who chose a young man from the cotton fields of Moultrie, Georgia and raised him up to become an instrument and a voice to the nations for Him.


The Late Dr. Ullainee Sanders Revills, Co-Pastor

Throughout the ministry of Apostle Isaiah Revills, he has had a partner in his Godly, faithful and beautiful wife, Ullainee Sanders Revills, affectionately known by all who know her as “Mother Revills.”

Over twenty-eight years ago, the Lord sent Mother Revills on a mission to Telfair County, Georgia where He told her to “teach, teach, teach His word.” From that time to this she has followed the Lord’s command and has had the opportunity to teach God’s word
at home, in the church, on radio and on television. The messages that God has given her have touched the lives of many people.

As the Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of the Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries, Inc. Mother Revills, has enjoyed great support for her various teaching endeavors from her husband, Apostle Isaiah Revills. She gives her Lord all of the honor and glory for the wisdom He has given her and she thanks and praises Him for grace and mercy.